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If you are considering a new hairstyle and could use a free haircut or possibly a haircut and some extra cash, we may have the deal for you. We are seeking ladies for haircut makeovers like the ones found on this site. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, click here for more information.

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I’m one blond pixie cut away from having dabbled in every hairstyle available to my fine, straight locks. more...

What I Learned From Cutting My Hair Off

Cutting off my super-long hair changed me -- but not exactly in the ways I'd been expecting. more...

Thinking of Chopping It Off? Do It!

A fresh crop can be liberating and empowering. Are you considering a short haircut? Here’s what I have to say about that: Do it. more...

The Pixie Haircut: Why I Let Go of My Very Long Hair

So the question lately is why did I get a pixie haircut? Why did I trade my long hair for a pixie cut? Whatever was I thinking? more...

Going from Long to Short - An Interview

Hair can play a big part in our identities. I know that for me personally, if my hair isn’t red (or, on occasion, purple) I do not feel right. As I have gotten older, my naturally red hair had faded a bit and become kind of ashy. more...

Long to Short Makeovers

Long to short hair makeovers can make a world of difference. Just imagine snipping off those lengthy locks in favor of a pixie 'do or a trendy bob - the change is striking! It does take some confidence and bravery to alter a hairstyle so drastically, but the finished look can be fabulous. more...

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Hair Style Gallery

We have a lot of styles for you to view no matter if the style is:

  1. BulletShorter - our shortest hairstyles (these pay the most)

  2. BulletShort - our short hairstyles (these pay well)

  3. BulletMedium - our medium length hairstyles

  4. BulletLong - long hairstyles for your reference

  5. Bulletor look at some Celebrity hairstyles.

Would you considering buzzing/shaving it all?

We are also looking for a number of ladies who are considering buzzing/shaving it all off! If you are considering going all the way, get more details here.

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