Should I Get a Pixie Cut Again?

By Sarah I used to have a pixie cut back in 2012, and I had it for around 3 years until I grew it out in 2015. At the moment it is shoulder-length, and I think I’m going to continue […]

Why I Got a Pixie Cut

By Lara Nuetz I’m definitely one of those people who are not afraid to change up their look. I’ve had my hair pretty much at every length and also dyed plenty of times since high school. If you follow me […]

How a Pixie Cut changed My Life

I chopped off all my hair during the summer after my 21st birthday. It was June, it was hot, and having to blow-dry my ultra long mane was making me sweat right out of the shower. Without much planning I […]

I Believe: The Power of the Pixie Cut

By: Morgan Shannahan I debated for a long time. I’d had a run in with the pixie cut in college: youthful, cheek-fat still intact, and it did not become me. Still, as I pored over photos of Mia Farrow and Michelle […]

Before & After: My Brand New Pixie Cut!

By Meg Malone I DID IT! About three weeks ago, I shared that I planned to cut off all my long hair off when I was home in Washington for Thanksgiving. Yet while I knew I want to do a […]

What I Learned From Cutting My Hair Off

By: Tammy Rosaloni Cutting off my super-long hair changed me — but not exactly in the ways I’d been expecting. Like a snake, my waist-length hair slid from my body as the hairstylist chopped it off. My reflection was no […]

Thinking of Chopping It Off? Do It!

By Our Cash For Cuts Stylist. A fresh crop can be liberating and empowering. Are you considering a short haircut? Here’s what I have to say about that: Do it. I know it’s a big leap, and women are often […]

The Long and the Short of It

By: Connie Howath I’m one blond pixie cut away from having dabbled in every hairstyle available to my fine, straight locks. I’ve been permed, foiled, redheaded and ombred. I’ve been bobbed, fringed, curled and straightened. I’ve had a mane to […]

Take a Short Step

Are you contemplating a change of hairstyle, thinking of going from long to short? If so, you might have concerns, especially if you have never worn your hair short before. However, as you will see from the following information, there […]