5 Times to Change Up Your Hair

Here are five times that you should consider great opportunities to change your hair.

For A Special Occasion

We work with a lot of ladies who want short hair, but are nervous about the change.

We will ensure that your new short style will suit you and your life style.

Take a look at some before and after photos to get inspired to take the leap to a new look.

Whether it’s your wedding, the one of a loved one, or some other formal occasion, hair takes on a big role on a big day. The newly-engaged starlet actually acted against the general wisdom when something like a wedding is approaching. Experts, or friends, will rarely recommend you make a drastic change before the big day, especially a major cut. Usually it’s about growing hair out to have the longer locks needed for many updos, and just to have more freedom to be creative. A short cut doesn’t give you a lot of options.

Unless, of course, you’re a celebrity like Cyrus and could just have thousands of dollars of extensions put in a few days before the wedding. But I think even Miley should be prepared to be platinum blonde for her wedding, because it’s a bad idea for even the best in the biz to mess with color close to a formal occasion you want to look your best for. You should be gradually perfecting your color and getting hair healthy in the months prior.

A New Job

Not only does a new job usually mean a little more cash is coming your way, but it’s also a chance to start off on a fresh note — with a fresh haircut. Again, don’t do anything too dramatic: you want to look polished and professional and be able to tame your new do for the first day. But a nice trim and touched-up color will make you feel prepared for your new role. Plus if you’re changing industries — starting your first corporate job, or moving to a more creative field — it may mean different things for your hair. A lawyer might want to tone down anything that looks too young or messy. Or if you’re moving to a hip advertising agency it might be the time to try that trendy cut you’ve been eyeing up!


This is a biggy. There are different hairstyles for difference phases of your life. As you go from high school to college and beyond, your hair should grow up a bit with you. Many girls have pretty much the same style — sometimes no style — all through high school. College might be the time to get a real hair cut, not just a trim, and to learn a low-maintenance way to style it regularly. This may involve a hair dryer — be prepared! After college, it might be time to take that waist-length hair a little higher. Getting ready for work every morning may mean less styling time and fewer messy buns.

Season Change

Many women go lighter in the summer, which is a very natural and pretty look. If you spend a lot of time in the sun it may happen anyway, and you don’t want darker hair to start looking dull. Lighter locks might want to look into some heavier highlights.

There are several options for the seasonal change. There’s highlights or lowlights, going up or down a few shades if you color your hair all over, and there’s even the fun option of adding some auburn or red to your hair for autumn. A good rule of thumb is to follow nature! Sunny in the summer, fall shades when air turns crisper.

After A Breakup

This is the biggie. For most of these occasions I’ve been preaching moderation. This is not the time. Now is the time to go all Miley Cyrus and try that undercut you’ve loved on Victoria Beckham. Go a completely different color. Your partner loved your long blonde hair? Go short and red. Experiment. Find something that helps you restore your confidence and be prepared for it to take a few changes to get there. Bring along a friend for moral support and use a stylist you know and trust.

~By Andrea K. Thatcher