7 Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

You’ve spent all that time growing your hair out, you’ve followed expert advice, and you finally made it to long hair heaven. But you have that itch. Is it time to go short? What’s really a good reason? The most convincing one we can think of is because you want to. But here are a few more for good measure: these days every girl from age 20 to 50 seems to have grown her hair out, being different, showing off your individuality and adopting a head-turning style sets you apart. Short hair is sophisticated, plain and simple. Short hair is mature. We don’t mean Grandma mature. We mean “I’m a grown-up, I have it together” mature. You’d be surprised how much sexier and attractive that attitude is compared to the woman still not sure what she wants or who she is. Many of our most revered beauty icons had/have short hair (Marilyn, Halle, Audrey, Princess Grace) all the better to admire a stunning face. And finally, you’re just tired of dealing with the weight and inconvenience of multiple layers, clogged shower drains, and buying conditioner like it’s going out of style.

If any of these thoughts have been running through your mind, there are some red carpet darlings who have gone short and (mostly) stayed that way. They’re gorgeous and one of their looks might be the perfect one for you. So, bookmark this page, and if you just can’t take it anymore, pick a cut to give to our stylist with explicit instructions to make your hair just as beautiful as the inspiration in the photographs.