A COVID-19 Pixie and Help

For many years, probably too many, I wore my hair long cascading to my waist. There were times when it looked really nice, but most of the time it was in a ponytail or bun just to keep it out of the way. Like you, I had considered cutting it but things always came up. Sometimes I would get scared and chicken out, other times I would have one of those rare great hair days and decide it was too pretty to cut. 

That all changed with COVID-19. With stay at home orders many businesses have closed and it caused a lot people to become unemployed. Our family income has been greatly impacted and we are struggling like many of you. I have been looking for a way to make some money and came across Cash for Cuts. At first, it sounded too good to be true. I would get a haircut (did I mention that salons are closed?) and they would pay me, seriously? I was skeptical, but I wanted to check it out.

I reached out to Jessica and we texted/emailed and she answered all my questions. She even arranged for me to have a phone call with the Cash for Cuts stylist. They put me at ease. I was excited to be able to get some much needed cash for my family and get a long overdue haircut. Because I needed the money and was ready for something complete new, I decided to go for a short, okay a very short, style. 

My appointment came and the stylist showed up at my house. He was kind and courteous. I think he could tell that although I was excited, I was also very nervous. We talked for a bit to ensure we were talking about the same thing and I was so ready at this point. After a few photos, it was time! It is so easy to pick a style and imagine how you will look. It is another thing when those shears come out and he starts cutting. It was obvious that he had worked with clients like me before because he just made it easy. In what felt like just a few minutes, I felt pounds lighter (another win!) and was sporting a super cute pixie. I absolutely love it! A few after photos and the money was paid as agreed.

If you haven’t had a pixie before, I strongly recommend it. It is so liberating and my husband seems to love it too 😉

I am so appreciative of Cash for Cuts for helping my family out in this time of need.