Before & After: My Brand New Pixie Cut!



About three weeks ago, I shared that I planned to cut off all my long hair off when I was home in Washington for Thanksgiving. Yet while I knew I want to do a dramatic pixie cut, I hadn’t thought about the exact look I was going for or styling products I needed or basically anything else. That’s where you all came in! I received many encouraging and helpful comments that were full of advice and positivity, and I appreciated them all!*

While close to haircut day I was leaning toward Winona Ryder’s short hair (especially considering I watched my favorite film Little Women over the holiday), I started realizing that I actually like having bangs in my face and got a little nervous about them suddenly disappearing. Luckily, my wonderful hair stylist from back home had read my post here on The Gloss and she was partial to the Jennifer Lawrence look I posed as an option. As you see, it’s not exactly the same – mine is a little less bang-y, but I have my pop culture point of reference like I wanted, so mission accomplished.

The whole transformation only took about 45 minutes, and I hope my stylist had fun with it! I certainly had fun chatting with him. Seriously, my most notable unexpected pang of sadness came when I realized I wouldn’t be able to braid my hair like Katniss any more after the big cut. But I love my new hair, so happiness restored!

It’s been a teensy bit weird having it this short (I keep trying to pull my ponytail out of my jacket, only to realize it’s not there), but definitely a good weird. Plus, my shampoo consumption has greatly decreased.

Right now I’m feeling very inspired to embrace the new haircut confidence (especially with fun makeup), so we’ll see how I do with the upkeep that comes with pixie looks. I want to experience this short haircut to the fullest!

*Also, some of you mentioned you were getting short haircuts soon too, so feel free to share those in the comments!

~By Meg Malone