I Chopped Off All My Hair

“You should do it. It’s just hair.” I met Beca at a friend’s birthday dinner and, on the walk back to the subway, I told her how much I admired her pixie cut. Her dark cropped hair was only an […]

Should I Get a Pixie Cut Again?

I used to have a pixie cut back in 2012, and I had it for around 3 years until I grew it out in 2015. At the moment it is shoulder-length, and I think I’m going to continue to grow […]

Why I Got a Pixie Cut

I’m definitely one of those people who are not afraid to change up their look. I’ve had my hair pretty much at every length and also dyed plenty of times since high school. If you follow me on Instagram or […]

How a Pixie Cut changed My Life

I chopped off all my hair during the summer after my 21st birthday. It was June, it was hot, and having to blow-dry my ultra long mane was making me sweat right out of the shower. Without much planning I […]

I Believe: The Power of the Pixie Cut

I debated for a long time. I’d had a run in with the pixie cut in college: youthful, cheek-fat still intact, and it did not become me. Still, as I pored over photos of Mia Farrow and Michelle Williams I […]