You may have questions about our program, so we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much you get paid


First, there is absolutely no cost to you! Period! If it sounds too good to be true, read the “Why we pay you” section below to understand why we do this.

Whether you need some money to pay bills, for school, or just want to go shopping, we will put cash in your hands. Sell your hair, get a great new hairstyle, and feel better about yourself… all in about an hour.

Our payment amount also depends on the difference between your ‘before’ and ‘after’ styles. The longer your hair is now and the shorter your new style, the more you make.

If you wish to get a quote for your session simply send (email or text: 360-329-2447) us photos showing your current style and length (or close to it). With that we will give you some style ideas that we are considering as well as an idea of how much we will pay you at the time of your session.

Why we pay you

At CashForCuts our income is created by providing educational material and services to the hair & beauty industry. Because our corporate clients (salons, stylists, colleges, & institutions) pay us to demonstrate new techniques, we can afford to do your hair and pay you. By modeling for our photos, videos, and editorials you are helping us to provide learning resources as well as inspiring the industry and other women like you who are passionate about fashion & beauty and want to look fabulous!

Your new style

After her session

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want and that is great. Others have some ideas, but aren’t sure of the exact style they want. And there are others that have no idea what will look great on them. No matter which group you are in, we are happy to work with you. As part of your consultation we will ensure that you get the exact style you want.  Our stylist will make a recommendation to those seeking an expert opinion. After all, we want to make you look fabulous. In other words, yes, you are totally in our talented and professional hands… and it should feel like a pretty reassuring place to be, knowing that we have your interests as well as our reputations firmly in mind.

Our stylist

Your haircut will be performed by our experienced stylist. Our stylist has been cutting hair and performing makeovers for over 15 years and is experienced in many techniques and cutting methods.

Session details

Sessions will consist of: photos & video, consultation, payment, cut and style. During the consultation, we will ensure everyone knows the new style you will get and how much you will make. We will take before and after photos of you to show what a difference a great haircut can make. There will be video of your session taken as well.

Sessions generally take about an hour and you are welcome to have someone with you.

We don’t do color as part of this program.

Session location

Our base location is near Silverdale, WA, but we work with clients all over the northwest (e.g. Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Spokane). We often travel to perform these sessions at the client’s location. If you prefer, we can have your session in the comfort of your own home.

We also travel around the U.S., so if your location is somewhere else, feel free to reach out as we may be scheduling a trip your way.

Ponytail DonationSell Your Hair

Many of our clients are going from very long hair to shorter styles. In those cases, we often choose to remove length in a ponytail so the hair can be made into wigs or donated to charity. We know you will love your new style and won’t miss your long hair, but a someone else will certainly appreciate it and we will ensure your donation is handled with care.

Ideal client

We are currently seeking ladies (under 18 requires parent or guardian approval) for haircut makeovers. You do not need to have a certain look or be a model, only to be ready for a change. If you are thinking of cutting ten inches or more to donate to a charity you would make a great client.