Getting a New Look with Short Hair

Victoria Beckham made waves in the press with her shaggy-angled bob that sparked a fashion trend. Getting bobbed is the latest thing, and many stars have shorn their long locks to feel the freedom of a short hair cut. With the popularity of short hairstyles, knowing some short hair tips can help you stay trendy and fashionable in today’s society. Short hair can be easier to maintain and often takes less time to style each morning. Short haircuts are a boon to tired, over-processed hair. The right short hairstyle can inspire new confidence in yourself, and project to others a sense of professionalism, style and a strong, yet feminine image. In spite of the belief that men only like long hair, short hairstyles can be downright sexy. Following are some short hair tips to help you maintain a desired look and maybe even help you save some time in the morning when you’re running late.

Find Pictures of Short Hairstyles You Like

The first step in creating a cute, short hairstyle is to find one that you think is attractive, and might suit your face and personality. If you do not like your new hairstyle, you will be less likely to care for it properly and it might become a nuisance to you instead of a radiant new look. The best way to find a trendy and short hairstyle that you like is to look through entertainment magazines. Look at pictures of celebrities who have short hair and find several styles that catch your attention. Bookmark these pages and bring the magazines with you so you can show your stylist the look that you are going for. If you want your new short hairstyle to be trendy, be sure the magazines are recent. Since Hollywood is on the cutting edge of fashion and style, this is the best and easiest way to find the latest haircuts for short hair.If you have seen a celebrity wearing a hairstyle in a movie or a television program recently that you like, there is a good chance that you can go online and find those pictures to give your stylist a better idea of what you want. If you look for “screenshots” of the celebrity in the particular movie or program, you can print the pictures on your printer and take them with you to the salon. Make sure the pictures are large enough and have enough detail so your stylist can duplicate the style.

Finally, most reputable salons will have books with some of the latest styles that you can look through. In addition, these books also have photographs of classic hairstyles that are always popular and never go out of style. Look through those photographs before making your final decision. Remember, though, that just because the hairstyle looks good on the woman in the picture, does not mean it will look good on you. Try to find styles on women that have similar facial features as you have for the best outcome.

Flatter Your Face

After you have found several short hairstyles that you like, you will have to select one that complements your facial structure and features. Your face will be oval, square, round, oblong, or heart shaped. Most short hairstyles will complement an oval facial structure, but other structures might require specific styles to flatter their best features.The simplest way to determine your face shape is to pull back your hair in a ponytail or clips and, with a tube of lipstick, outline the shape of your face on a mirror as you look into it. Following is a brief description of each face shape, as well as some short hair tips for styles that accentuate your best facial features:

  • Oval Face: The oval-shaped face is a favorite among hairstylists because almost any hairstyle will look good on this facial structure. Oval faces are typically longer than they are wide. The forehead will be a little wider than the jaw, but the face is still rounded. If you have the even proportions of an oval face, you can sport nearly any hairstyle you wish. Oval-faced celebrities include Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba.
  • Square Face: Square faces tend to have strong jaw features that have defined angles. You will also notice angles and strong definition in the hairline with a square facial structure. Generally, square faces are the same width as they are in length. The hairstyles that complement this type of facial structure will help to soften the angles and make your face appear more rounded. Typically, a hairstyle that is short and spiky is ideal because it draws the attention away from the angles by pointing upwards and to the sides. Also, hairstyles that are layered around the face tend to soften the harsh angles. Try to avoid hairstyles that involve chin-length bobs or bangs since these will only accentuate the square features. Square-faced celebrities include Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.
  • Round Face: A round facial structure is much like an oval structure with the exception that it is wider. In fact, a rounded facial structure is widest around the cheekbones, but the chin and forehead are also rounded. The best short hairstyles for these types of faces will add a sense of length for the face and help it appear more oval instead of round. To achieve this effect, pick a hairstyle with flat sides and a full top. Also, short hairstyles that fall just below the chin will help give a sense of elongation to the face. Be sure to stay away from very short haircuts without layers. This will only add to the rounded appearance of the face. Round-faced celebrities include Oprah Winfrey and Kirsten Dunst.
  • Oblong Face: This face shape may seem either oval or rectangular, but the forehead is high. To flatter a long face, avoid extremely short or long hairstyles. Bangs can help cover up a high forehead, but go for long, sideswept bangs rather than short and spiky. A bob could be a good short hairstyle, but the length is tricky for long faces. Chin length works for some oblong-shaped faces, but avoid bobs that fall just above the chin. You want fullness on the sides of the face, so consider wavy styles. Avoid at all costs any short hairstyle that puts height all at the top and no width on the sides. Oblong-faced celebrities include Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashlee Simpson.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: The heart-shaped face is generally wider at the forehead and tapers down towards the chin. It can almost be compared to a triangle, but the angles are less defined and more rounded to resemble the shape of a heart. With this type of facial structure, the most attention is focused on the chin. As such, it’s best to find short hairstyles that draw more attention to the cheekbones and the eyes. To do this, employ hairstyles that include a well-defined part. Bangs that sweep to one side and hair that comes down to the chin can help draw more attention to the upper part of the face rather than the lower. Long layers are also ideal, but avoid choppy layers and bluntly cut bangs. Heart-shaped celebrities include Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez.

Other Shortcut Considerations

Once you have found a short hairstyle that you love and will suit your face shape, do not succumb to the stylist’s shears until you weigh all of the following factors.

  • Hair type: Is your hair thin or thick, straight or ultra-curly? Short hair can accommodate any of these hair types, but the style you choose will determine if your hair type will give its best performance.
  • Personality: If you are a girl-next-door type through and through, a punkish do is not for you. Choose a short hairstyle that reflects your personality. If you want to be someone else for an evening, wear a wig.
  • Lifestyle/Career: Your goals in life should play a factor in the hairstyle you choose. Are you a flight attendant or a bartender? A woman who works in an art gallery may benefit from a funky short haircut, whereas the woman who wants to climb the corporate ladder will want to tone things down and look classic or professional at work. Most short haircuts will allow you to style them into either a classy or sassy hairstyle, so consult with your stylist about lifestyle accommodations you might need.
  • Maintenance: Short hair is easier to keep healthy, but it also requires a haircut every four to six weeks.

The Beauty of Technology

If you’re still unsure about what hairstyle will look good on you, you can find several online programs that allow you to upload your picture and try out different styles. These “virtual hairdos” will give you the best short hair tips because you can actually get an idea of what each style will look like on you. While most of the programs charge in order to use them, many of them will have free demos so you can try a couple hairstyles at first.

Even if you have to pay in order to use the service, it would be well worth the price to get the ideal hairstyle that you will be happy with. Your hairstylist can also give you short hair tips because she is an expert in her field. If you are unsure about the style you have chosen, she can give you a second opinion before you make it final.

Gathering many short hair tips and ideas is a great way to make a dramatic change in your everyday look. This can be a great way to energize you or even give you a completely different outlook on life. Many times, women will cut their long hair as a symbol of making a new beginning after some traumatic life event has occurred. Whatever reasons you have for wanting a new short hairstyle, be sure to put some time and effort into choosing the best one that will suit you and accentuate your best features. In addition to saving money by using less hair products and saving time getting ready each morning, you might even turn a few heads before your day is over.

~By Chad Hagy