Long to Short Makeovers

Long to short hair makeovers can make a world of difference. Just imagine snipping off those lengthy locks in favor of a pixie ‘do or a trendy bob – the change is striking! It does take some confidence and bravery to alter a hairstyle so drastically, but the finished look can be fabulous.

To Cut or Not to Cut

Ask anyone who prides herself on her long mane of hair. She wouldn’t dream of cutting it! Yet sometimes the urge to undergo a little makeover crops up when we least expect it. Maybe it’s the dead of summer and all of that hair sticking to your neck is suddenly getting a bit too uncomfortable. Perhaps you just don’t have enough time to devote to styling it daily, or maybe – just maybe – you’re ready for a big change. If that’s the case, a hair makeover could be just what you need.

There are other reasons to consider a hair makeover, too. A short cut can accentuate bone structure with the addition of a few well-placed layers, may look less severe than long hair that is all one length, and will add volume and body. Many women who’ve made the switch from long to short hair have reported a feeling of newfound freedom. No longer dealing with heavy, tangled hair that often winds up in knots or with split ends can be a relief!

Ideas for Long to Short Makeovers

If you’ve decided to make the transition from long to short hair, you’ll want to be armed with a few ideas of your own when you visit your hairstylist. Being prepared with photographs helps; you’ll feel involved in the entire process instead of leaving your hair strictly at the mercy of your stylist. (Of course, a cut like this should ideally be performed by a professional; attempting a do-it-yourself job at home isn’t recommended.)

The stylist will take into account your facial structure, as well as other features like your nose, jaw line and cheekbones. Based on which features you wish to enhance and which you want to call less attention to, the stylist will cut your hair to your preference. This is truly telling of how effective long to short hair makeovers can be. They change more than just your hairstyle; in essence, they boost your entire look and can even make your face look more open and vibrant by spotlighting your best assets.

What’s Your Face Type?

  • Diamond faces look great with short hair. Sport a layered style that sits above the neck, or try angled bangs to soften wide cheekbones.
  • Triangular faces may benefit from a tapered style that draws attention away from the dominant jaw line. Off-center parts are also recommended.
  • Heart faces look lovely with voluminous, layered bobs that curl out at chin level. Side parts and wispy bangs also suit this face type.
  • Oval faces can pull off just about any style with ease. Layers help draw attention to your best features.
  • Round faces should avoid extremely short, cropped cuts. Opt for some height at the crown (it’s slimming) and soft, face-framing layers on a chin-length cut.
  • Square faces are softened with graduated layers, choppy ends, soft curls and a voluminous crown.
  • Rectangular faces look fuller with a chin-length bob and bangs. Keep it full around the sides and avoid going below shoulder-length (it elongates the face even more).

Things to Consider

Before you take the plunge, remember that a haircut is a commitment (albeit a temporary one). Ask yourself these questions before settling into that salon chair:

  • Are you simply attached to long hair? If you’ve had lengthy locks for as long as you can remember and have only fleetingly imagined yourself with a short hair style, you may not be ready for such a big change. Some people just feel best with long hair.
  • Do you love the different options long hair offers you? If you’re a fan of a dressy updo or a high, long ponytail, for example, you’ll have to accept that your new short style won’t accommodate those looks.
  • Will it suit you? Short hair can easily work on a variety of face types, but some people simply look better with long hair. Some advice from our experienced stylist will help you determine this.

Long to short hair makeovers can really amp up your look! Short hair is especially striking on certain face types, and it can be styled in a variety of different ways. If you’re a fan of experimenting, you’ll have a blast creating new looks to suit your new style!

~By Amber