Parisian Chic: This Pixie Bob Cut Is Your Sign to Go Shorter

We all love short haircuts because they’re sexy, classy, and empowering at the same time. Once joining the short hair club, you don’t want to leave it. It’s like love at first sight. There’s a lot of texture and movement going on, and your hair styling routine is much quicker and easier now.

We know this season’s trendiest haircuts and gladly guides our clients toward their dream hairstyles. For this beauty, the hairstylist creates a bixie cut – a beautiful combo of a bob and a pixie, with shorter tresses at the back and longer locks at the front. A stunning makeover, indeed!

Bixie Beauty

Elloise goes to the hair salon with one sole purpose – to get rid of her grown-out bob and go even shorter. She wants it, she gets it! The hairstylist heeds to her wish and opts for a big chop. The idea is to add more layers through the back for enviable texture and movement. Longer strands on the top and around the front counterbalance the short hair at the back, introducing some wispiness and coquette charm. Real French girl vibes!

The cut also works as the ultimate volume booster, making the locks lighter and offering countless styling options. Straight and classy or wavy and playful? Just apply your favorite texturizing product and enjoy the look!

Short & Chic

Many people dream of getting a short haircut but feel too attached to their long tresses. The hairstylist knows the feeling all too well, urging her clients to welcome the change instead of running away from it. “I completely understand the security it can bring, but if your face shape, lifestyle, and other factors can support it then why not go for a change?” In this light, a pixie bob cut is your compromise – you’re not cutting your locks too short and can grow your hair back after all.

French Charm

If you’re into French hairstyles like this one, you might also enjoy a ride to the world of très chic haircuts to channel a Parisian mademoiselle. Start your journey with the French bob – a shorter and much cuter version of a standard bob. A great way to update your short haircut. Your next stop is Birkin bangs – a soft and slightly parted fringe inspired by the famous actor and singer Jane Birkin.

Just like the French bob, Birkin bangs are your ticket to elegance and timeless sophistication. And don’t forget about iconic Bardot bangs as a major trend. Shorter at the front and longer at the temples – Brigitte Bardot’s signature fringe is everywhere now.

Say ‘bonjour’ to a short haircut season to unleash your inner boldness and rizz. And if you’ve been waiting for a sign to go shorter, this is it!