Should I Get a Pixie Cut Again?

I used to have a pixie cut back in 2012, and I had it for around 3 years until I grew it out in 2015. At the moment it is shoulder-length, and I think I’m going to continue to grow it until it reaches the bottom of my ribcage (which may take a year or two, but I actually take biotin to help it grow, so it does tend to grow pretty quickly). I don’t hate my longer hair, but I just can’t help noticing that I really preferred having it shorter…

My longer hair gets in my way all the time. It keeps getting caught in things if it’s not up in a ponytail, I’ve found stray hairs all over my apartment, it gets tangled really easily… and it isn’t even that long at the moment. It’s shoulder-length. Which is making me wonder how bad it will be when it gets much longer. And I’m not really that great at styling my own hair, so it’s basically a low-ish ponytail or a semi-okay updo. So it doesn’t really seem worth it to have longer hair if I can’t even do that much with it. Oh, also, I can’t braid it. Apparently it isn’t long enough yet.

At the moment, I can only really see two downsides to having a pixie cut again. And that is having to go to the hairdresser regularly (which would cost a lot of money, and I am not made of money), and having bad hair days. Because past experience has taught me that when you have a bad hair day with a pixie cut, there really isn’t very much that you can do about it. Whenever I had a bad hair day with my pixie cut a few years ago, I basically had to wash it to get it to look normal again :/ Or put hair wax in my hair and try to make the rest of my hair kind of rough to match that one patch that was refusing to flatten against the rest of my hair. Or to go with the “I’m having a bad hair day so I’m going to wear a hat all day” option.

I’ve also noticed that my longer hair just makes me look… I don’t want to say “larger”, but that’s honestly the only way that I can put it. My jawline looked much more clean cut with shorter hair. And my facial features were emphasised more effectively (because you’re kind of forced to look at the face when there isn’t much hair to look at). And I’ve been facing a lot of body image issues this year that I just didn’t have when my hair was shorter, and I haven’t really gained any weight (or at the very least, not a considerable amount, or an amount that would actually change my appearance too much), so I think it might be because of the hair… Basically, I just don’t think I look as attractive with longer hair than I did with my pixie cut. Sounds conceited, I know, but it’s true.

My plan for now is to grow it very long, and then get it cut and sent to a charity that makes wigs for little girls with cancer, so they can have hair again. I haven’t decided exactly which charity to go for, as I know that there are a few who do this. I want to do some research into it first before I choose one (just in case one charity has a major flaw or something), and my hair will be growing while I do this. After I have cut the ponytail/braid off, I will get my hair cut into a pixie cut again. It might take a while to grow it out though, because I had highlights put into my hair around half a year ago, and I know that these charities don’t take dyed hair. So I will have to wait for it to grow to a considerable length without the dyed parts, even though they have been dyed to my natural hair colour again. But there is still a difference in the colour (the highlights are a lighter shade of brown to the rest of my hair, but not too much lighter. Enough for people to notice though).

I would say that my face shape is an oval shape. So it should suit most hairstyles (although I personally feel that anyone can pull off a pixie, as long as the hairdresser doesn’t do a terrible job).

I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, although I have someone who is very close to possibly being my boyfriend. And I honestly don’t think he would care if I got my hair cut into a pixie cut, because he has very long hair himself, and he is not a very judgemental person. I’m honestly more worried about how my parents will react, but it’s my hair, so they can’t really do anything about it if I do decide to get it cut

Obviously I won’t get it cut into a pixie until around late-2017, or maybe even mid-2018. It really depends on how long it takes for my hair to grow out long enough to be made into a wig for the charity, honestly. So I still have a long time to think over this properly, but I would also like some feedback from other people on this.

I would add photos (because I still have photos on my laptop of when my hair was shorter), but I can’t for some reason. Sorry about that   I’ve been told that I looked a lot like Ginnifer Goodwin from the first season of Once Upon a Time when I had shorter hair, so try to imagine that? But keep in mind that I’m not an exact double of her, and my face is more of an oval shape, while hers is rounder. My hair is also very thick, which is good for pixie cuts, according to many of the hairdressers that I have had over the past few years. Not having photos really isn’t very helpful, I know. I would add them if I could, but I can’t copy and paste.

But yeah, let me know what you think   I’m seriously considering getting it cut back to a shorter hairstyle anyway. Possibly something like Abby Maitland’s hair from season 3 of Primeval? You can find photos on Google Images if you haven’t seen the show before. Or possibly Goodwin’s season 1 hair from Once Upon a Time. Because I miss having my short hair.

~By Sarah