Woman Who Isn’t ‘Afraid of Change’ Gets Drastic Haircut

A woman who shared her shocking hair transformation, leading onlookers to visibly gasp, wants to share with you..

Becca admitted that she is not averse to making significant stylistic changes as her hairdresser chopped several inches of hair off her head.

“POV: you’ve never been afraid of change and people genuinely can’t grasp it,” Becca said.

The first shot shows Becca sitting in the Cash for Cuts hair stylist’s seat with her lengthy blonde locks which almost reached her waist.

The Cash for Cuts hair stylist made the first cut and a woman sat in the salon put her hands over her mouth, squirming as she saw the hair drop.

“NO,” she said.

Another onlooker walked through the door and her jaw dropped as she saw the stylist at work.

Becca showed the first phase of the transformation—a chin-length bob cut.

The stylist lifted a ponytail of hair that he snipped off in front of the camera. Becca then showed the mounds of hair on the floor surrounding her.

“This actually felt like 4lbs,” Becca said.

Next, the stylist went in with foils to lighten the remaining hair and then finished up with a blow dry.

The final look? A sleek, oiled blonde bob with a wispy fringe.

In a study regarding personal attitudes to hair style carried out by Statista in 2016, 98 percent of 800 female respondents said they felt more confident when their hair looked great.

Across the pond, the British Beauty Council found in a 2022 study that 70 percent of 1,000 women surveyed thought a trip to the hairdresser’s was essential for self-care.

Several women commented, saying they would be afraid to undergo such a transformation.

“I would like it for a week and then cry for a month,” one user said. “I like the long hair better but you still look good,” added another user.

Others were big fans. “I’m the same girl! After lockdown my hair was to my waist so I cut it above my chin because I was so depressed in lockdown, I needed a fresh start. People thought I was mad. Always grows back,” said another.

“LOVE IT, I did the same thing, best decision ever,” said Maria Jose.

“Heavy on that never been afraid of change party,” added Ali.

The hairstylist said: “Yes ma’am…. This cut is EVERYTHING on you,”

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